Tips to Stay Away From Spyware and Adware Programs

Tips to Stay Away From Spyware and Adware Programs:

To avoid mental stress and tensions, there are some tips that can help you to keep your system away from such threats and viruses. Feel free to follow them.

Keep your computer updated with virus databases and definitions
Avoid clicking on unwanted ads
Stop visiting malicious websites
Installing updated web browsers ( Google Chrome will prevent you to open such websites)
Enable your windows firewall to prevent unwanted access of malicious threats
Always install antispyware and adware programs to get notified

How to Make Sure That Your System is infected With Adware?

How to Make Sure That Your System is infected With Adware?

Usually, people are unaware of such threats and they can’t diagnose the real problem. So, below are some major issues that can help you to understand the actual issues.

Extreme slow speed of your system
Slow browsing speed
Extra memory consumption by .exe files. (Windows Task Manager can help you to detect such files
Unexpected popping of unwanted web pages, installation of toolbars and Trojan horse.
Inability to unhide system files and folders

So, if you are facing such problems then your system is being attacked by a spyware or a virus maybe. As they say, “prevention is better than cure” – follow the tips I mentioned above to avoid unwanted stress and expenses.

What Is Funwebproducts Spyware ?

The Funwebproduct spyware virusThe program Funwebproducts Spyware is actually a trojan virus which infects and will bombard you with endless popups of unwanted messages when you are browsing the internet.  The Funwebproducts Spyware trojan / virus can infect any browser and will also update itself via the internet as well as download additional spyware and adware.

The unwanted popups can look official but dont be fooled by these popups,  The popups will tell you things about your system such as “Warning you have a virus, click here to purchase software to remove,  Your system is at risk you need to update your virus software,  Your hard drive is in a critical state click here to review, And so on”  What ever you do don’t click on the links and purchase any software.  Its possible your credit card details can be stolen when your system is infected.  An example of an error message you might get is shown below Read More…

Is Your Computer Infected With A Virus?

Computer VirusComputer viruses have always been cleverly designed and disguised so that they can easily sneak into your computer and do their work, sometimes even without any signs of their activity. Even though you can keep computer viruses away, with a bit of common sense, in other words, keeping away from suspicious sites, and using a free antivirus, like Avira, !avast or others, some people get really paranoid about viruses and every time something doesn’t seem right, they drop everything and start scanning their machine. That’s not a bad idea, but it might take time. So, here are a few things to know about computer viruses.

How To Know Your Computer Was Infected?

Here are a few common symptoms of an infected computer:

1. Computer running slowly. Of course, that may occur due to other reasons, for example you have too many applications running, you have a stuffed memory cache and registries, or simply your hard drive or RAMs are nearly done. But if you’re not doing anything that might render your computer slow, like for example, you’re just reading an article on the internet, without any other apps running, and your HDD starts flashing like crazy, and keeps on doing that, it might be a sign a program sends data. And that program might be a trojan. Read More…