What Is Funwebproducts Spyware ?

The Funwebproduct spyware virusThe program Funwebproducts Spyware is actually a trojan virus which infects and will bombard you with endless popups of unwanted messages when you are browsing the internet.  The Funwebproducts Spyware trojan / virus can infect any browser and will also update itself via the internet as well as download additional spyware and adware.

The unwanted popups can look official but dont be fooled by these popups,  The popups will tell you things about your system such as “Warning you have a virus, click here to purchase software to remove,  Your system is at risk you need to update your virus software,  Your hard drive is in a critical state click here to review, And so on”  What ever you do don’t click on the links and purchase any software.  Its possible your credit card details can be stolen when your system is infected.  An example of an error message you might get is shown below

As soon as you know you have been infected with the funwebproducts spyware virus make sure you try to remove it from your system as soon as you can.  If you leave the virus on your machine you could be open to easily be infected with other viruses as well as infect other people machines.

Instructions To Remove The Funwebproducts Spyware From Your System

First thing you need to do reboot your machine in to windows safe mode.

Now on another machine download microsoft process explorer  to a USB stick.

Microsoft process manager will be used to remove the locks on the files which are infected with virus / trojan / spyware.  Now run microsoft process explorer and end all of the processes that dont appear to belong to windows.

Now run a full virus scan of your system.

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